Write a State Report





Doing state reports at the Kern County Library can be easy!

Click below on any of the state names to generate a list of juvenile books contained in the entire Library system. Click on individual titles to see where the copy is located. If you want to request a book to be sent to your local branch, place a hold on it.


Links & Resources

  • ipl2 – This site has an interactive U.S. map where you click on any state to be taken to a page of quick facts (capital, population, motto, state flag / flower / bird / song, etc.). At the top of the each state’s quick fact page are tabs which will give you links to encyclopedias, state websites (i.e. government, museums, historical sites) and biographies of famous people from that state. Maybe someday you will be there, too!
  • America’s Stories – Want to find out more than just simple facts? Here’s where the Kids.gov has put information and stories about significant historical events and current festivals held in each state. This is a good site for history buffs and kids who want extra information to make their report better than good – fantastic.


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