Pay Your Fines


NOTICE: The SmartPAY option cannot be used if the credit card was issued by a Credit Union that requires the cardholder to enter their zip code when processing a transaction. If SmartPAY is used and the transaction is declined, try using the additional payment option instead.

Pay using either SmartPay or the Additional Payment Option.

Use SmartPay if you:

• Have the Library Card and PIN# for the account.
• Are NOT paying with a credit card issued from a credit union that requires the inputting of a zip code as another form of authentication.

Payment posted immediately.
PIN# by default is the last 4 digits of your phone number at the time of registration.


Use the additional payment option if ANY of the following apply:

• Don’t know Library Card and/or PIN# or only a Reference #.
• Using a Credit Union card which requires a zip code for additional authorization.

Payment posted within 2-3 Business Days.
Customer ID – Enter the Library Card Number, Reference # or full name for the account being paid.

Credit Card payments will not work
with the following Internet Browsers or Operating Systems:

  • Android Versions: 4.3 & below
  • Baidu Jan 2015
  • Google Chrome 21 & below
  • Internet Explorer 7-10
  • Firefox 26 & below
  • Safari 6 & below
  • Mobile Safari for iOS 4 & below


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