Remote on-demand Wireless Printing is now available.

Requested print jobs can be picked up during the Library’s Open Hours or picked up through our safe and convenient Curbside Services. Simply submit your print job using one of the 3 available options listed below, and follow instructions to contact your Library and pick up your print job during curbside hours.

Please Note:

  • Materials submitted must comply with our Internet Computer Policy.
  • Printing sensitive or confidential information is done at your own risk.
  • The Kern County Library is not responsible for lost or misplaced prints.
  • We are unable to edit print jobs – files must be submitted ready-to-print.
  • You will have 3 days to pickup your prints before the print job will expire.
  • We recommend sending your prints as close to the time you will be scheduling your curbside appointment.
  • Cost of prints align with with the Library’s Fine and Fee Schedule.

Contact the Library for  Curbside Pickup

  • Call 661.868.0701, email, or fill out the form online to request an appointment. 
  • Provide the Library with the email address used to submit your prints.
  • The Library will determine the full cost of your prints with Sales Tax, add the print fees to your account, and provide you with a link for payment.
  • Schedule your curbside appointment.
  • When you arrive, call the Library and we will verify and/or collect payment, as well as deliver the prints to your car.
  • (It is possible to pay for your prints with cash. Processing a cash transaction does take some additional time and we appreciate your patience while processing your transaction at curbside.)

Wireless printing is made possible through the Kern County Library Foundation.

   I would like to print from a Smartphone or Tablet.

  1. Visit your device’s App Store. Install the PrinterOn app.
  2. Launch the app:
    • Select a printer by accessing the “No printer selected” dropdown.
    • Click the search icon and type in the location you would like to print at.
    • Choose the library location.
    • Choose whether you are printing a document, email, photos, or a webpage.
    • Select items to print and then click “Print.”
    • Enter your email address.
    • You can check the status of your job in “Print History.”
  3. Contact the Library for Curbside Pickup of your prints.


You will need your Email Address to pick up your print order. The email you input is how Library staff members are able to identify your print order.  

You will need

to download the PrinterOn app to print from mobile devices. If you do not want to download the app, you can use the email print option below as an alternative.

   I would like to print from a Laptop.

  1. Choose the Location you will be printing from your laptop at.
  2. A new browser, the Mobile Print Screen, will open.
    • Select whether you want to print in black & white or color.
    • Enter your email address. This is is how Library staff members are able to identify your job when you arrive to pick up the print order. Please make sure you have the email address ready to inform staff.
    • Select the file you wish to print from your computer and upload it. A PDF file is recommended when printing to ensure the paper copy prints exactly the same way as you see it on the screen.
    • Click the green print icon. The status of your print will display.
  3. Contact the Library for Curbside Pickup of your prints.

   Would you like to submit your print order by sending us an Email instead?

  1. Email from any device by emailing one of the Library’s printers.
  2. Select the Location you would like to submit and pickup your print order at, as well as the Print Type.
  3. Links will open an email client (i.e. application) for sending your print.
  4. Attach and send what you would like to print.
  5. Contact the Library for Curbside Pickup of your prints.

Select Library Location:

Beale Memorial: Black & White  or  Color

Rathbun Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Southwest Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Arvin Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Delano Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Frazier Park Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Kern River Valley Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Ridgecrest Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Rathbun Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Rosamond Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Taft Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Tehachapi Branch: Black & White  or  Color

Wasco Branch: Black & White  or  Color

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