Seed Library at Arvin & Lamont Branches

Access to Homegrown Food:
Take Seeds ~ Leave Seeds

Much like a lending library for books, seed libraries allow Kern residents to freely “check out” seeds to plant in their home gardens. Grassroots seed sharing has been grown to be standard in many libraries across the country and helps spread seed knowledge, leading to healthier eating in our communities.

Coming Soon to the Arvin & Lamont Branch Libraries
tentatively available to open on Wed. August 15h


How It Works

1. BORROW: Choose the seeds you will be borrowing from the Kern County Library. Go to the Circulation Desk to “check out” the seeds.

2. GROW: Plant seeds in your garden. Read seed instructions on packet or check out a book to learn more how to properly care for your seeds. You can also use public computers to conduct research on proper care.

3. RETURN: Harvest seeds from your mature plants. See our seed-saving guide bookmarks for tips. Return the seeds to the Library in an envelope.

Accepting Donations

We want to create an environment that supports gardeners of all skill levels – from beginner to expert! We need your help thought! When you donate to the Kern County  Library Grows Seed Library, you help diversify community access to healthy homegrown foods.
With your seed donations, you share the diversity of seeds with friends, neighbors, & future generations. 

The Kern County Library Grows Seed Library is made possible through a grant awarded by The California Endowment.

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