The Library recognizes its unique position and responsibility to build community and cultivate opportunities for Kern County residents to participate fully in our society as an informed citizenry, by connecting people, resources, ideas, information, and technology.
The goal of the Library is to provide an environment where all visitors are welcome.

County residents expect each of our libraries to be welcoming, clean, and safe for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending programs and meetings. Behavioral expectations protect the rights and safety of visitors, volunteers, and staff, as well as preserve and protect Library materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds.

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The Kern County Library is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for families and children. To make the Library an enjoyable place and to encourage a love of books, reading, and learning, the Library offers designated children’s and teen areas, programs, and services.

The Library encourages children and their parents/guardians to use its resources, cultivate interactions with other children, and be inspired by the possibilities of learning, all in a safe space specifically designed for that exploration. The Library promotes the idea that children should use their voices, minds, and their bodies to express themselves in active reading, movement, and play.

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The Collection Development policy of the Library supports the mission of the Kern County Library. The Library functions as a major information source for County residents by providing a broad and relevant collection of materials to engage and inform people from differing communities, backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles. Our diverse collection of materials in English and other languages, in standard and emerging formats, builds community and cultivates opportunities for Kern County residents.

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Submit Request for Reconsideration or Reclassification

The Kern County Library allows community groups and organizations to use the various display and exhibit spaces within its facilities. Space is provided for displays and exhibits of cultural, civic, charitable, recreational, and educational nature, not for advertising for commercial enterprise or for exhibits to promote specific campaigns, candidates, or political parties.

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There shall be a fine each time library material becomes overdue; however, the maximum fine per transaction shall not exceed 70% of the replacement cost of the material. Accumulated charges totaling $2 or more will result in suspension of checkout privileges until the account is revoked. A handling fee of $35 per check shall be added to the account balance for each check returned by the bank. Accounts 90 days old will be assessed an additional $20 collection fee and referred to a collection agency. The agency may charge interest on accounts from the date of referral.

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It is the purpose of the Library to maintain a healthy and clean environment appropriate for Library visitors and the protection of Library materials and equipment.

With health and cleanliness in mind, the goal is to provide guidelines for visitors to enjoy food and drink responsibly yet maintain Library property and prevent disruption to other visitors.

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The Kern County Genealogical Society (KCGS) was formed in 1964 in the southern portion of California’s Central Valley. As of 1981, per an agreement between the Kern County Board of Supervisors, the Library, and the KCGS, the Society integrated its collection into the Kern County Library and is currently housed in the Genealogy Room at the Beale Memorial Library in Bakersfield.

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The Kern County Library accepts donations of books and other materials, including monetary contributions and memorial gifts. The Library reserves the right to determine how gifts are used and is unable to return any gift once it has been donated. 

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Our Brand

The Kern County Library’s (KCL) new brand kicks off an exciting new era for Kern County Libraries and coincides with several exciting departmental projects in 2015. As a county library system, we continue to value the entirety of the community, including rural areas and aim to bring technology, learning, accessibility, and more to every citizen of Kern County.

Graphic Standards Manual

This manual outlines all acceptable and approved use of the Kern County Library’s logo, graphical elements, and brand parameters. Contact the Marketing Division at 661.868.0730 with any questions.

Read the full Kern County Library Graphic Standards

Attendance of Kern County Library programs or events constitutes consent to be photographed and/or videotaped for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Kern County Library.

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These guidelines apply to all users of Kern County Library computers or networks.

To fulfill our mission, Kern County Library provides access to a broad range of information resources, including those available through the internet. We make this service available as part of our mission to offer a broadly defined program of informational, educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, which reflect the great diversity of interests and opinions in our communities.

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In 1988, with the construction of the new Beale Memorial Library in Bakersfield, the local history collection received its own room, named for major benefactor Jack Maguire (1913-1985).

Download Local History Room Policy

The Meeting Rooms at the Kern County Library are available for public use under the Meeting Room Use Policy adopted by the Kern County Board of Supervisors.

  • The availability of these facilities is an ancillary service the Library provides.
  • The service must not interfere with the Library’s primary function of providing library materials and information retrieval to the public.Meeting Rooms are available during the Library’s open hours.
  • Meeting Room use outside of the Library’s open hours varies according to room accessibility at each facility and may be subject to staff availability.
  • Fees for each reservation are determined in accordance to the Room Use Fees, by the facility used and the room use particulars as established by the user.

Download Meeting Room Use Policy

The Kern County Library provides wireless access, free of charge, during normal library operating hours. However, high demand, reliability of technology, and other factors may affect access. For these reasons, the Library cannot guarantee the availability or reliability of the service.

Download Wireless Internet Use Agreement

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