One Book Project – Book Club Form

    If your book group has already met: (If your book group has not yet met, you may return to this form at a later date, or we will reach out to you to request the number of readers in your group after it has taken place.)

    Would you like us to advertise your book group to allow newcomers to join you? If yes, we will advertise on our online events calendar and Meetup. We will reach out to you after your book club has met to get the number of readers that attended for the total tally of readers for the One Book Project:

    If your book group has not met:

    If you are looking for a space to hold your book club meetings, you are welcome to make a request. Although we cannot guarantee the availability of space, we can provide free space at some branches as long as your book club is open to the community. In this type of scenario, we would advertise your book club, newcomers can come to any meeting, and the Library and your book group coordinator would be considered partners.
    Would you like us to reach out to you about holding your book club meetings at the Library?

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