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Schools all over Kern County participate in the Oral Language Festival, a competitive event where students in grades 4-8 perform interpretations of a piece of literature in front of an audience.

These are the 6 categories:

  • Serious Solo
  • Humorous Solo
  • Serious Duo – 2 students
  • Humorous Duo – 2 students
  • Verse Choir – 3 to 6 students
  • Impromptu Speech


Explanation: Literature selections must be published works that are available to all students. Selections that are found only in distributions, such as organizational newsletters, the Internet, and regional newspapers are not acceptable, because they are not available to all grade 4-8 students. That means most published works are appropriate for Oral Language texts and you can choose any book you like! Selections must be 3-5 minutes in length, so take a book you like and edit it to the appropriate length.
New books come out all the time, so choose something you love that fits the criteria of one of the categories. Looking in the Children’s section for picture books is a good place to start if you are having trouble thinking of a title. Literature selections should be appropriate for age, event, and presentation to a community audience. Be sure to check out YouTube for videos of past Oral Language winners!

Here are some subject suggestions to use when searching our catalog: Humorous Stories, Humorous Stories – Juvenile Fiction, Folklore, Poetry.

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