Pay Your Fines

ATTENTION: SmartPay will be undergoing maitenance starting at 5pm on Friday, October 20, through 8am on Saturday, October 21. During this time, SmartPay will be unavailable. You may use the Additional Payment Option instead.
NOTICE: The SmartPAY option cannot be used if the credit card was issued by a Credit Union that requires the cardholder to enter their zip code when processing a transaction. If SmartPAY is used and the transaction is declined, try using the additional payment option instead.

Pay using either SmartPay or the Additional Payment Option.

Use SmartPay if you:

• Have the Library Card and PIN# for the account.
• Are NOT paying with a credit card issued from a credit union that requires the inputting of a zip code as another form of authentication.

Payment posted immediately.
PIN# by default is the last 4 digits of your phone number at the time of registration.


Use the additional payment option if ANY of the following apply:

• Don’t know Library Card and/or PIN# or only a Reference #.
• Using a Credit Union card which requires a zip code for additional authorization.

Payment posted within 2-3 Business Days.
Customer ID – Enter the Library Card Number, Reference # or full name for the account being paid.


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