Let’s Paint! Basics

Follow me and paint along! Let’s learn the basic techniques of painting so we can make beautiful landscapes this month!


Northeast’s Storywalk! Follow the path and learn the story of Big Dance by Aoife Greenham! Those who reach the end get a sticker!

Safari Snappers

For all ages, but mostly focused on kids. Encourages patrons to go out in nature and take pictures of living things. 10 in a category gets a sticker. They can show the pictures in person at the library or through facebook. Animals are counted by breed. So, a patron can bring 10 photos of dogs […]

Lego Club

Lego Club! Make the coolest creation you can! Sometimes we will have special challenges. The best lego gets displayed in the Northeast Display Case!

Genre Stickers

For all ages, encourages patrons to get out of their comfort zone and to read all types of genres. Each time they complete a book in a genre, they get a sticker. There are 13 in total to collect. If they collect each genre sticker, they get a special sticker and a prize. Sticker List: […]

Talent Show

Welcome to the Northeast Branch Talent Show! Got a skill, a craft, an art? Get on stage!

Tetris Tournament

Are you the best at Tetris? Prove it at this casual tournament! Participants will face each other 1v1 until only one player survives. Have fun!

Lego Legends

Lego fanatics welcome! Take on lego building challenges or build your own!

Got Yarn?

Whether you love to knit, crochet, or loom, join yarners of all ages and skill levels as we sit and stitch. Bring your own yarn and needles.​​​​​​​

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