Supporting Local Authors

Kern County is home to many talented writers and the Kern County Library is happy to provide a digital home for their work through our OverDrive platform.

Due to the explosion of self-publishing, the Kern County Library does not physically catalog local author titles. Any print copies of local author works will be kept at the local branch library and made available as “honor” checkouts.

Print titles of Local History nonfiction are welcome and should be submitted to the Library through your local library branch. If they are appropriate for the Local History collection, they will be catalogued and housed in the Local History Room at the Beale Memorial Library.

Criteria for Inclusion in KCL’s Local Author Collection

  • The author or creator must currently reside in and have lived in Kern County for at least 5 years.
  • Illustrators are eligible. In the case of an illustrated book, either the author or the illustrator must currently reside in and have lived in Kern County for at least 5 years.

Local Author Appearances and Events

Local authors may work directly with individual library branches to plan an appearance at a specific location. Access our list of Hours and Locations for contact information by individual branch.

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    Local Author Resources

    We encourage writers to hone their craft with the resources below.


    The world’s largest distributor of indie eBooks. Quick and easy eBook distribution, free tools for marketing and reporting, control over sampling and pricing, and more. Smashwords offers a catalog over over 40,000 vetted, eBooks and 100,000 authors.

    Amazon offers a range of free tools for creating eBooks. There is KindleGen which is a command line tool for conversion of content to HTML and EPUB, Kindle Create for creating professional quality eBooks on the Amazon marketplace, Kindle Kids’ Book Creator for authors to turn illustrated books into Kindle books, and Kindle Comic Creator for guided reading experiences.

    Macmillan Publishing’s portal for authors to share their content. Readers read it, review it, rate, and help writers with critique as needed. Submissions that do well have the opportunity for publishing with Macmillan.

    Publishers Weekly’s portal for authors to share their content with the publisher. Also includes editorial content, such as success stories, interviews, author profiles, how-to pieces, news, and features.

    Social Media for Authors

    For authors looking to advertise their book online for free beyond traditional platforms, these resources may be helpful.

    WattPad has 16 million engaged readers every month, and is a captive audience looking for the next great read. Its platform encourages social reading, by enabling readers and writers to be interactive. Share content, collaborate with other authors, serialize stories, and ask for suggestions. Similar sites also include Underlined and Booksie.

    GoodReads is a platform for readers to connect to other readers. Post information about yourself, books you are reading, books you have written, and view community reviews on titles.

    For authors, your book can be linked to your author bio and sales links to online marketplaces. For readers, LibraryThing allows you to create your own digital collection, that can be kept private or shared publicly.

    Many of today’s authors began as blog writers, and WordPress is a free, quick, and easy way to begin blogging. WordPress is most successful when content is consistent and regular.

    Crowdfunding for Authors

    Writers can submit manuscripts for crowdfunding and offers the publishing and support services needed once the work is funded.

    The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, including writing. Reach people who can pledge money to your cause.

    Create an online community around your written content. On this platform for a range of creators, users can put monetary support towards their chosen writers and other artists. Patreon is most successful with consistent content creation.

    Local Writers Groups, Events, & More

    Writing groups can be the perfect way for writers to discuss their writing, get feedback, and grow in their craft.

    The Writers of Kern host workshops, critique groups, and more. LEARN MORE

    Shut Up & Write is a online community of that hosts local writing meetups in various areas. Local meetups can be found on Meetup.comLEARN MORE

    Library Resources

    The Kern County Library hosts a variety of events including writer workshops, book discussions, author events, and much more. Don’t see one in your area? Access our Hours & Locations to get info about contacting your local branch about the potential of offering these types of events in the future. LEARN MORE

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