We’re working with libraries across the nation to share the importance of protecting pollinators and increasing wildflowers in our community.

With #PlantWildFlowers, we want to spread awareness about the importance of helping our food-producing friends all over. It’s easy! It starts with you! Now you can plant wildflowers in your backyard and neighborhood and watch their life bloom.

Pick up wildflowers seeds at your local library to get started on your planting journey and attend #PlantWildFlowers events across Kern County to help us promote the importance of planting wildflowers and protecting pollinators.

Pick Up Your FREE Wildflower Seeds and Bee Crafts

All residents are encouraged to swing by your local Kern County Library branch to pick up a FREE packet of wildflower seeds, while supplies last, for scattering in your yard to encourage local pollinators. Carryout crafts focusing on bees are also available for families to pick up for some at-home creativity. 


Click Here to Download our FREE Wildflower Coloring Sheets

Did You Know?

Wildflowers are incredibly important to pollinator habitats! Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and even more insects and animals like these take the pollen from flowers and use it as food. By taking pollen, pollinators even help humans grow food too!

Pollen is a fine powdery substance that grows in flowers and is key to growing flowers and foods everywhere! Bees and other pollinators carry the pollen from flower to flower, which helps expands the plant’s population and helps other flowers bloom and grow food. For every one of three bites we take from fruit, a pollinator was directly responsible. With the decline of naturally-occurring wildflowers, our pollinators, their habitats, and their food is directly impacted leading a threat to our ecosystem.

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Discover the many diverse species and personalities of bees in the fascinating PBS documentary called 

 My Garden of a Thousand Bees 

During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn captures more than 60 species of bees in all shapes and sizes in his urban garden in Bristol, England. In this film, we get so close to the bees we can easily identify bumblebees from scissor bees.

Marvel at all the special moments such as when bees are laying tiny eggs or at green-fanged spiders feasting on male flower bees and many more! The program also includes two male bees fighting over a female, different species of bees competing over territory, and one busy bee building his home with a shell and hundreds of sticks. Learn about Dohrn’s favorite intelligent wood-carving leafcutter bee “Nicky” and her lasting legacy in the garden.  

icon: movie projector    Watch PBS special here

Get Your BioBlitz On Across Kern County!

A BioBlitz is a hands-on, family-friendly outdoor activity that empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to collect information about local plant and wildlife. Using your phone and the community science apps iNaturalist and SEEK by iNaturalist, you can help scientists better track and study our natural world by observing and counting bugs, birds, flowers, and other wildlife. Participants can see real time leaderboard results for a number of species, number of observations, and join regional challenges.

Getting Started with iNaturalist App

Identify the plants and animals around you. Get connected with scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature!

  1. Download App and create an account.
  2. Explore nature with family and friends.
  3. Point the camera or select a photo of any organism.
  4. Add evidence of what, when, and where you saw your observation.
  5. Save and/or share with the community.
  6. Check back for activity on your observation from the community or be notified by email to the address in your account settings.
  7. Explore nearby locations and join a project to share and discuss your findings with fellow naturalists.

Getting Started with Seek App

Get outside, explore, and learn about the nature all around you!

  1. Download App.
  2. Explore nature with family and friends.
  3. Point the Seek camera at any organism, and Seek will try to identify it!
  4. Complete monthly challenges to earn badges!
  5. There are new challenges every month. Have fun and learn as you complete them all!
  6. Use the Species Nearby feature to see what is commonly found near you and learn more on how to conserve nature!

Catalog Plants in BioBlitz Events Across Kern County

Join us for a BioBlitz in the valley, mountain, and desert reaches of Kern County to discover all the weird and wonderful species of plants and animals that live in our community! At BioBlitz events across the County, attendees can make photo observations which are then uploaded through the app to a global database. The data is used by working conservationists and researchers who study species health and biodiversity. Stop by our BioBlitz events to explore trails open to our community and catalog the plants and local wildlife you see in the iNaturalist or Seek app!

Click here to view our BioBlitz Events Across Kern County!

Mountain BioBlitz

At Hungry Valley

MAY 12, 2022 from 9am-11am

5301 Ralphs Ranch Rd., Gorman, CA 93243

Join Project Mountain BioBlitz

Desert BioBlitz

At Petroglyph Park

MAY 19-26, 2022 from 8am-6pm

French Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA 93355

On May 19 at 3:30pm, the Ridgecrest Branch Library will be hosting a storytime on-site at Petroglyph Park.

Join Project Desert BioBlitz

Valley BioBlitz

At Wind Wolves Preserve

MAY 23-27, 2022 from 8am-6pm

16019 CA-166, Bakersfield, CA 93311

In partnership with  , the Beale Memorial Library will be hosting a storytime on-site at Wind Wolves Preserve on Friday, May 27 at 11am. Storytime will take place at the Shaded Ramada located near the restrooms. All Wind Wolves Preserve safety rules and policies apply for visitors to the Preserve, including staying on trail, only visiting during operating hours, and observing rattlesnake safety.

Join Project Valley BioBlitz

Join us for a #PlantWildFlowers event near you!

May 2022

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