Titles for Kids



Personalize and enjoy digital connections to books for kids and teens. Book and Author Resources Engage with Diverse Books Children's ...
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Conduct a Science Experiment

The Kern County Library supports learning in all academic disciplines, but is especially mindful of how important STEAM (Science, Technology, ...
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Information on Mythology

Books about Percy Jackson and movies about Thor got everyone interested in mythology again, but have you ever wondered what ...
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Resources on Native American Tribes

Interested in California Native American culture? Writing a paper for school? The Kern County Library has some great resources to ...
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Write a California Missions Report

The California Mission Era began in 1769, and ended after the last Mission was built in 1823. California’s 21 Missions ...
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Write a Country Report

Doing country reports at the Kern County Library can be easy! Click below on any of the country names to ...
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Write a Presidents Report

Need help finding information for your President report? Here you will find information on the Presidents in all forms: books, ...
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Write a State Report

Doing state reports at the Kern County Library can be easy! Click below on any of the state names to generate a ...
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Write an Animal Report

The Kern County Library has a multitude of resources for you so your animal report can be out of this ...
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