FREE Library Card Replacement Through July 2018

The Kern County Library Unveils 8 NEW Library Card Designs

Get your ticket to anywhere, by picking up your FREE replacement Kern County Library card through July 2018. Library cards give you access to explore countless books, movies, music, and more, expanding your mind and providing countless active learning opportunities. To get you even more excited, the Kern County Library (KCL) has released eight NEW redesigned Library Cards! 

For over twenty years, the San Joaquin Valley Library System (SJVLS) sunset has graced the front of local Library Cards. While customers still retain access to all the materials available through SJVLS, they will get to choose their favorite design from the selection of child, teen, and adult cards. All ages will have at least two designs to choose from. And, for those adults that still enjoy the classic design, a retro version of the Kern County Library card is still available.

Get a replacement! All Kern County residents with a Kern County Library account (not in Collections) are invited to visit any Kern County Library location for a FREE replacement Library Card (normally $2). FREE replacement cards will be available through Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

This period of FREE Library Card Replacement is a part of the Kern County Library’s overarching focus this Summer on modernizing library programs, reconnecting Kern County residents, and transcending learning beyond bookshelves. KCL encourages all ages to cultivate curiosity, by participating in our activities, reading, building, creating, and always learning. Experiences like these are the foundation to building a strong community and investing in our residents. Libraries are here for your learning adventure; let it begin today with your new Kern County Library card!

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Among the designs available:


 a choice between


a choice between


a choice between


a specialized design

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling

“This card is LIT.”

“An all-access pass to All the Feels.”

“Reading is dreaming with eyes open.”

“Adulting is Hard: Get a Library Card.”

#retroedition with SJVLS sunset

solely for the use of checking out digital materials

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