Access My Account

What can I do when I login to 'My Account?'
When entering my Library Card number, it says it is NOT recognized. Why?
How do I renew an expired Library Card?
My Library Card says it is expired. Why?
Why is my Library Card blocked?
What is my PIN#?
How do I change my PIN#?


Checkout / Renew / Request

What if the item is not in the system or won't let me place a request?'
Do you charge a fee for me to request an item to be sent from another location in the San Joaquin Valley Library system?
How long will an item remain on request?
How many items can I have on request?
How do I renew materials?
Can I renew items I have currently checked out?
Does it cost anything to check out materials?
How long can I keep Library materials?
How many items can I check out at a time?
Why have I been #1 on the list for a while, when it seems as if others are getting it before me?
What does 'No valid pickup libraries were found for this title' mean when I try to place an item on request?


Getting a Card

Where can I use my Library Card?'
I don't have the Identity information you require for a Library Card, but I want to use the computers. What can I do?
I am unable to provide proof of California Residency; can I still get a Library Card?
What do you accept as proof of Identity for a regular Library Card?
What do you accept as proof of California Residency?
I live in California. Can I get a Kern County Library card?




Can I send or receive fax at the Library?'
Do you have a color copier?
Do you have copiers?
Do you have scanners?
Can I print from my Wi-Fi device?
Do you have free Wi-Fi?
What programs are available on the public computers?
Can I reserve a computer online or by phone?
What is the cost to print from the public computers?
What do I need to use the computers?
Do you have computers for the public to use?


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