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Primary Title Incarceration Nations by Baz Dreisinger | Checkout Book  eBook | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

Further Reading Resources for Incarceration Nations
Interested in reading more and delving further into this year’s One Book? Check out these resources, including books, DVDs, and online links.

Memoir Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman | Checkout eBook  eAudibook  DVDs | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

With a career, a boyfriend, and a loving family, Piper Kerman barely resembles the reckless young woman who delivered a suitcase of drug money ten years before. But that past has caught up with her. Convicted and sentenced to fifteen months, Kerman learns to navigate this strange world and meets women from all walks of life. Kerman’s story offers a rare look into the lives of women in prison.

Fiction The Execution of Noa P. Singleton by Elizabeth Silver | Available in Book  Book on CD | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

Noa P. Singleton never spoke a word in her own defense throughout a brief trial that ended with a jury finding her guilty of first-degree murder. Sitting on death row ten years later, Marlene Dixon, a high-powered attorney and the mother of the victim tells Noa she will do everything in her power to alter the sentence, in return for the one thing Noa is unwilling to trade: her story.

Teen Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen | Available in  Book  Book on CD | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

After severely injuring Peter Driscal in an empty parking lot, Cole Matthews in in major trouble. Instead of jail time, Cole is given the option to attend Circle Justice, an alternative program that sends juvenile offenders to a remote Alaskan Island to focus on changing their ways. While there, Cole is mauled by a mysterious white bear and left for dead, causing him to examine his actions and seek redemption.

Tween The Same Stuff As Stars by Katherine Paterson | Available in  Book  Book on CD | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

Angel Morgan needs help. Daddy is in jail, and Mama has abandoned her and her little brother, leaving them with their great-grandmother. Grandma is aged and poor, and Angel, not yet twelve, must care for the children. Star Man, a mysterious stranger who appears on clear nights and teaches her all about the solar system tells her, “We’re made out of the same stuff as the stars.” This is Angel’s and her family’s story of perseverance.

Elementary Holes by Louis Sachar | Available in  Book Book on CD eBook  eAudibook  DVD | Purchase Russo’s  B&N

Further Reading Resources for Holes


Picture Book Far Apart, Close in Heart by Becky Birtha | Available in  Book | Purchase Russo’s  B&N


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