Discover the One-Time Amnesty Program

Mon. June 25 – Sat. June 30 & Mon. July 30 – Sat. Aug 4

For the first time ever, the Kern County Library is holding a one-time Amnesty Program. We want you back! Kids, teens, & adults have the opportunity to receive a clean slate by reading, donating, or returning materials. Remember, you have FREE access to our collection, resources, & programs. *This one-time offer does not apply to accounts already in collections. Other exceptions may apply.

QUESTIONS? Ask Kern County Library staff or email

KIDS & TEENS: Pick up our “Read As Much As You Can” Reading Log & turn it in during Amnesty Week.

ADULTS: Donate one library item, animal care item, or canned food from our donation list below.

LOST / UNRETURNED MATERIALS: Return unreturned or lost books to your local Library branch. 

Accepted Donations Include: 

All Donated Items Must Be In New, Unopened Packages.
All donated Animal Care Items will be delivered to Kern County Animal Services.
All donated Canned Foods will be delivered to CAPK’s Food Bank Program.

Baby Wipes
Classic LEGO Variety Pack | example
Clorox Wipes
Crayons & Markers
Color Pencils
Coloring Books
Craft Kits | examples 1, 2, 3, 4
Disposable Tablecloths
Duplo LEGO Variety Pack | example
Glue Sticks
Paper Plates
Safety Scissors
Sidewalk Chalk
Trash Bags

Dog & Cat Toys | examples 1, 2, 3, 4
Dog Treats | examples 1, 2
Dog Nail Trimmers | example
Feral Cat Dens | example
Flea Lice Combs | example
Fly Masks for Horses | example
Fleece Blankets
Metal Wire Playpens | example
Pet Beds | example 1, 2
Pet Carriers | examples 1, 2
Puppy Pads | example 

(Non-Expired Food Items)


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